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Our Team

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Current Members

Group Picture

Associate Professor
Joshua M. Shulman, M.D., Ph.D.

Administrative Assistant
Nora Duran

Research Technicians/Coordinators
Linda Li, B.A.
Katherine Allison, B.S.
Nikki Gambhir
Brittany Ripperger, B.S.
Sindhu Rao, M.B.B.S.
Hiba Saade

Tom Lee, Ph.D.
Laurie Robak, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Fellows
Isabel Alfradique-Dunham Cunha, M.D.
Emily Hill, M.D.
Positions Available

Postdoctoral Fellows
Shamsideen Ojelade, Ph.D.
Rami Al-Ouran, Ph.D.
(Joint with Dr. Zhandong Liu)
Hyundoo Jeong, Ph.D.
(Joint with Dr. Zhandong Liu)
Positions Available

Graduate Students
Yi-Chen Hsieh, M.S.
Hui Ye, M.S.
Caiwei Guo, B.S.
Heidi Martini-Stoica (joint with Dr. Hui Zheng)
Meigen Yu, B.S.
Carl Grant Mangleburg, B.S.
Positions Available


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